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Parent Workshops and Events during 2023-24

Year 2 Maths Workshop

Year 2 held a parents Maths  workshop looking at number bonds. The parents experienced some of the work their children have been doing in class and felt more able to support their learning at home as a result. 

Year 5 Maths Workshop

Year 5 held a parents Maths workshop linked to problem solving and reasoning. This was a wonderful event which allowed adults to experience some of the maths challenges the children come across in year 5. 

Reception Parent Session - Suffolk Wildlife Focus Session

Reception parents had the chance to come into school and see some of the wonderful work going on in Reception.

Year 2 Parent Session - Art and Music

Year 2 held a parent session showcasing some of their watercolour artwork and their weaving work. They also performed two songs that they have been learning during their music lessons. Great job year 2!

Year 1 Parent Session - DT and Poetry

Year 1 held a parent session showcasing the range of puppets the children had designed and constructed which linked to a nursery rhyme. This was a brilliant session and a wonderful way to share the children's DT learning with their parents. 

SATS Workshops for Parents - Year 6

On 28th Feburary we held 2 workshops for parents regarding this years SATS tests for  Year 6 pupils. If you would like further information about this session please contact Mrs Lewis, Mrs King or Miss Parris or view our SATS page here.

RSE & Health Education Parent Workshops

On 7th & 8th February, our Citizen Team hosted our latest RSE and Health Education parent workshop. This was a great opportunity to be up-to-date with how we teach RSHE and Personal Development in our school. Please contact Mrs Clarke or Miss Parris if you would like some information about the session.  

Year 5 Space and Physics Parent Workshop

On Tuesday 17th January 2023, Year 5 held a parent workshop for children and their adults to meet David Gwynn and his colleagues to talk all things Space and physics! A range of equipment and information had been brought in and set up so that everyone could explore topics such as light, gravity and more. Mr Gwynn and his colleagues were blown away with the conversations the children were able to have and the clear interest they showed, along with their parents too of course! Many thanks to all who came and showed how we all can be life long learners. If you would like more information about this workshop, please contact Mrs Hassan-Clark (Upper KS2 Leader) and she will support your further. 

Year 3 Parent Reading Workshop

The English team and the Year Three staff held a Reading Workshop for Year Three parents/carers. The workshop focused on phonics, reading for pleasure and how to support your child with reading in KS2. We looked at book talk as a method to focus on comprehension skills at home and then the children and adults had time to give this a go.

Year 1 and Year 2- Reading for Pleasure

Year 1 and 2 staff held two Reading for Pleasure parent workshops to help promote and showcase lots of ways to encourage children to read for pleasure outside of school. If you would like some information about how we promote Reading for Pleasure in our school, please contact Miss Norman (Reading for Pleasure Leader) and she will help you further.  

MHST - Mental Health and Behaviour Workshop

We held a Mental Health and Behaviour workshop for parents run by the Suffolk Mental Health Team. It was a brilliant session with lots of valuable advice and support given by the Mental Health Team. If you would like more information about this workshop, or any other aspect of mental health support, please contact Mrs Easter (Pastoral Leader and Mental Health First Aider) and she will support your further. 

Year 5 Maths Calculation Session

Year 5 held a parent workshop demostrating how the Year 5 children tackle and solve a range of calculation challenges. Please contact Mrs Clarke or Mrs Hassan-Clark (Year 5 Teachers) if you would like some information about the session. 

Reception Maths Playbag Launch

Reception held a mathematics playblag parent session sharing the 30 mathematics playbags available for parents to borrow and use at home with their child. For more information about our maths playbags, please contact Mrs Aggreh (EYFS Leader) and she will help you further. 

Year 4 Mathematics Problem Solving Workshops

Year 4 held Mathematics problem solving workshops where parents joined their children to work on a selection of Mathematics problems. Please contact Mr Midmore or Miss Hacon (Year 4 Teachers) if you would like some information about the session. 

Community Firework Event

We had a fantastic Community Firework Event at school on Friday 4th November. Everybody enjoyed fairground rides, sparklers, food options and , of course, a brilliant firework display.  

Nursery 'Funky Fingers' Playbag Launch

Nursery held a parent workshop focusing on how to enhance the children's fine and gross motor skills. Please contact Mrs Plummer (Nursery Teacher) if you would like some information about the 'Funky Fingers' session.

Year 6 Parent Session - Drama and Performing Arts

Year 6 parents joined the Year 6 children for a drama and performing arts event. 

Reception Playbag Launch

Reception held a parent workshop focusing on how parents can support their child at home with literacy and phonics based activities. If you have any questions about our Playbags please contact the school office and ask to speak with Mrs Aggreh (EYFS Leader) and she will help you further.

MHST- Mental Health and Anxiety Workshop

Phonics Workshops For Parents

Over the first two weeks of the Autumn term we held a series of Phonics Workshops to introduce parents to our new phonics programme, Little Wandle letters and sounds revised. It was a brilliant turnout and we had over 135 parents attend one of the four sessions! Please click on the link below for more helpful information discussed at the training sessions. If you have any questions about Little Wandle, or would like to find out more information, please contact Mrs Whyte (Phonics Leader) and she will support you further.


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