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Book of the Week


This week's book of the week is:

A girl called Justice - read by Mrs Plummer



Previous books of the week...

Tidy - read by Mrs Whyte



Catching the moon - read by Miss Palmer



The accidental prime minister - read my Miss Norman



                                                                                       The Easter Egg Hunt read by Mrs Gorst Allman                                                                                                 


UntiI I Met Dudley - read by Mrs Clarke.



Supertato Evil Pea Rules read by Mrs Plummer



Mr Wolf's Pancakes, read my Miss Crick.



The Wild Robot, read by Mrs Gray



The Tale of Jack Frost read by Miss Hacon





If, read by Mr Rose



Father Christmas Needs A Wee, read by Mrs Rackham



  The Wild Robot - read by Mrs King  


  Pumpkin Soup Read by Mrs Whyte  


Flanders Fields Poem read by Miss Palmer



Room on the Broom  - Read by Miss Norman



Book of the Week - 2022/23 Archive

Please feel free to view our books of the week from last year below:

Please Mrs Butler - Read by Mrs Clarke



Supposing - Read by Mr Rose



The story of Rosie Revere - read by Miss Crick



The Kings Breakfast - Read by Mrs Whyte



Katie in London - Read by Miss Norman



The Bog Baby read by Mrs Gray




    The Baker by the Sea read by Mrs Terry-Wright



The Day the Crayons Quit read my Miss Parris



  The Human Body read by Mrs King  



Albert Le Blanc read by Miss Hacon



  After the Storm read by Mrs Rackham  


George's Marvellous Medicine read by Mr Midmore


 The Rescued Dog, read by Mr Graham


Only One Woof read by Mrs Clarke



Abigail Goes Visiting read by Mrs Carruthers  


The Planet of Puzzles read by Mr Rose  


There's no such thing as elves read by Miss Crick


The Magician's Thief read by Mrs Hassan-Clark


Jesus' Christmas Party read by Mrs Aggreh


The Empty Stocking read by Miss Norman


The Hag Storm by Mrs Whyte.


The Christmasaurus By Tom Fletcher, Read by Mrs Gray

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