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We have limited spaces across the school. Come and visit us , we guarantee you a warm welcome.....

Welcome to Carlton Colville Primary School

On behalf of the children, staff and governors, I am delighted to welcome you to Carlton Colville Primary School. We hope you find our website clear, informative and easy to navigate.  It is designed to give you a flavour of the vibrant life of our school, the work of our pupils and the quality education we strive to deliver.

We are a friendly, caring school with high expectations of all our pupils. Our children are encouraged to explore, discover and question through a range of exciting learning opportunities both within and outside the classroom. The staff endeavour to provide a calm, yet stimulating learning environment where good behaviour and mutual respect is paramount and where everyone is valued.

Parents and carers play a very important part of school life and we value our partnership with them. We all share responsibility for the children’s education so that, as partners, we can promote high standards of learning, behaviour and attitudes to enable every child to reach their full potential.

I hope you enjoy finding out more about Carlton Colville Primary by browsing our website. You are more than welcome to visit us, see our school first hand and meet our friendly children and staff.

Mr. B Axon

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  • Reminder
    28 November 2023
    Science Competition
    Dear parents and carers, A reminder that the deadline for the science photo competition is this Thursday (30th November), should your child wish to submit an entry. All details are in the attachment below. We look forward to seeing your entries. Best wishes,
  • General
    17 November 2023
    The Acorn Newsletter
    Please see link to The Acorn newsletter https://www.carltoncolville.suffolk.sch.uk/suffolk/primary/carltoncolville/arenas/websitecontent/web/Issue%20111%20-%20The%20Acorn,%2017th%20November%202023-91573_20231117145606172.pdf Regards
  • Important
    15 November 2023
    Parent/Carer Workshops
    Dear Parents/Carers Please see the attached flyers for upcoming parent/carers sessions offered by sendiass. Many thanks
  • General
    10 November 2023
    Science Competition
    Dear parents and carers, Following on from our successful marble run competition last year we are pleased to announce our new science competition for this year (please see the attachment below). This competition was launched in our whole school assembly today so hopefully the children come home and tell you all about it! If you have any questions please speak to your child's class teacher. We look forward to seeing your entries. Best wishes,
  • General
    3 November 2023
    The Acorn Newsletter
    Please see link to The Acorn newsletter https://carltoncolville.suffolk.sch.uk/suffolk/primary/carltoncolville/arenas/websitecontent/web/Issue%20110%20-%20The%20Acorn,%203rd%20November%202023-22902_20231103152135354.pdf Regards
  • General
    19 October 2023
    Good morning With Christmas approaching, just a reminder to sign up to Easyfundraising if you haven't already. Many retailers pay us a small donation when you buy from their websites. This does not cost you anything extra and we do not see who you are buying from. We are also still holding a weekly lottery through yourschoollottery.co.uk - If you are interested take a look and search Carlton Colville Primary. Many thanks
  • General
    16 October 2023
    The Acorn Newsletter - Amended
    Please see link to The Acorn newsletter https://www.carltoncolville.suffolk.sch.uk/suffolk/primary/carltoncolville/arenas/websitecontent/web/Issue%20109%20-%20The%20Acorn,%2013th%20October%202023-60182_20231016082239326.pdf Regards
  • General
    13 October 2023
    The Acorn Newsletter
    Please see link to The Acorn newsletter https://www.carltoncolville.suffolk.sch.uk/suffolk/primary/carltoncolville/arenas/websitecontent/web/Issue%20109%20-%20The%20Acorn,%2013th%20October%202023-60402_20231013154109769.pdf Regards
  • General
    29 September 2023
    The Acorn Newsletter
    Please see link to The Acorn newsletter https://www.carltoncolville.suffolk.sch.uk/suffolk/primary/carltoncolville/arenas/websitecontent/web/Issue%20108%20-%20The%20Acorn,%2029th%20September%202023-48183_20230929151519128.pdf Regards
  • General
    15 September 2023
    The Acorn Newsletter
    Please see link to The Acorn newsletter https://www.carltoncolville.suffolk.sch.uk/suffolk/primary/carltoncolville/arenas/websitecontent/web/Issue%20107%20-%20The%20Acorn,%2015th%20September%202023%20(1)-15006_20230915142503880.pdf Regards
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Attendance Matters at Carlton Colville Primary......

Above 97%: Less than 6 days absence a year - Excellent attendance
95%:  attendance equates to 10 days absence in a school year - Good attendance
90%:  attendance equates to 19 days absence in a school year. Will be difficult for these children to achieve their best
85%: attendance equates to 29 days absence in a school year.  Classed as persistent absentees by the government.
80%: attendance equates to 38 days absence in a school year. Could result in legal action being taken by the Local Authority.

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