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Senior Leadership Team

Mr B Axon - Headteacher
Mr J Rose - Deputy Headteacher
Mrs S Aggreh - Assistant Headteacher
Mrs J Carruthers - SENDCo
Miss E Palmer - English Lead Practitioner
Mrs K Everett-Day - Business Manager

Mrs K Easter - Pastoral Leader‚Äč
Mrs J Gorst-Allman - EYFS Leader 
Mrs H Parris-Wigg - Year 6 Leader


Teaching Staff

Mrs C Berry  - Nursery Manager, Elephants
Mrs S Aggreh - Reception, Bears
Mrs J Gorst-Allman - Reception, Bears
Mrs S Rackham - Reception, Caterpillars




Lower School
Mrs F Whyte - Year 1 Ladybirds
Miss L Crick - Year 1 Flamingos

Mrs R Plummer - Year 2 Giraffes
Mr D Midmore - Year 2 Dolphins
Miss K Norman
 - Year 3 Foxes
Mrs J Carruthers - Year 3 Otters
Mrs N King - Year 3 Otters


Upper School

Miss E Hacon - Year 4 Penguins
Mrs S Gray - Year 4 Bees
Mrs N Macur- Year 5 Sharks
Mrs E Clarke - Year 5 Tigers
Mrs M Terry-Wright - Year 5 Tigers
Mrs H Parris-Wigg- Year 6 Meerkats
Miss E Palmer- Year 6 Narwhals

Support staff

           Pastoral Team              

Mrs K Easter - Pastoral Leader
Mrs R Copeman -Pastoral Practitioner

Mrs M Terry-Wright - HLTA
Mrs K Fisher - HLTA
Mr A Graham - HLTA
Mrs P Cook - HLTA
Mrs P Keating - Keyworker
Mrs S Colling - Keyworker

Miss S Baker - Keyworker
Miss A Moore - Keyworker









LSA/ Teaching Assistants

Mrs G Nicholson - Learning Support Assistant
Miss A  Johnston - Learning Support Assistant
Mrs H Bartlett - Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Enticknap - Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Garton - Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Francis - Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Moore - Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Curzon - Teaching Assistant
Mrs D Mountford - Teaching Assistant
Mrs O Lerpiniere - Teaching Assistant
Mrs E Hall - Teaching Assistant
Miss C Read - Teaching Assistant
Miss E Fretter - Teaching Assistant
Mrs T Blowers - Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Dent - Teaching Assistant

Mrs N Coleman - Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Clarke - Teaching Assistant
Miss A Foulger - Teaching Assistant

Other Support Staff
Miss A  Johnston - Afterschool Club Leader
Miss C Bradley - Afterschool Club Assistant
Mr J Tyson - Sports Coach
Mrs E Parr - Swimming Instructor
Mrs R Clarke - Breakfast Club Leader
Mrs S Maskell -  Breakfast Club Assistant
Mrs J Saunders -Breakfast Club Assistant















Business Support Staff

Business Support Staff

Mrs K Everett-Day - Business Manager
Mrs C Brown - Office Manager/ Heads PA
Mrs S Hodge - Admin Assistant
Mrs S Rice - Admin Assistant
Willow - School Therapy Dog
IT Staff
Mr A Graham - IT Manager











Lunchtime Staff
Kitchen Staff
(employed by Vertas)

Mrs J Meen - Cook - in - Charge
Mrs A Sinclair - Kitchen Staff
Mrs K Brown - Kitchen Staff
Mrs J Sturgess - Kitchen Staff

Midday Supervisors
Mrs R Hodds - Senior Midday Supervisor
Mrs J Souch - Midday Supervisor
Mrs N Stainsby-Soanes - Midday Supervisor
Mrs M Hill - Midday Supervisor
Mrs P Hill - Midday Supervisor
Mrs T Blowers - Midday Supervisor
Miss S Cox- Midday Supervisor
Mrs Z Eastaugh - Midday Supervisor
Miss S Cowen - Midday Supervisor
Mrs T Nurse - Midday Supervisor
Mrs V Johnson - Midday Supervisor
Miss L Burgess - Midday Supervisor



Site Staff

Mr D Sprules - Site Manager
Mr G Webster - Caretaker

Cleaning Staff

Mrs T Drake - Cleaner
Mrs C Whittle - Cleaner
Mr K  Jasinska - Cleaner
Mrs J Souch - Cleaner
Ms S Askew - Cleaner
Mrs S Batchelor - Cleaner










Statutory Notice:
We currently have no staff who are Trade Union Officials or that earn in excess of ¬£100,000 per annum.

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