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Personal Development

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Personal Development Overview & Key Documents

Below is our whole school Personal Development overview for this academic year. For more detailed information about Personal Development, please view the termly overviews within each of the year group class pages.

RSHE Parent Support Material

Intent - What do we want children to learn?

At Carlton Colville, the physical and emotional well-being of our children is a priority. A great deal of importance is placed on:

  • PSHE
  • RHSE
  • Citizenship
  • Development of character
  • Wider opportunities
  • British Values
  • Inclusion and equality of opportunity
  • SMSC

The above is embedded in our ethos and aims of the school. We nurture and educate our pupils in order to help them to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to live happy, healthy and successful lives, now and in the future.

Personal Development is taught through a range of implicit and explicit learning opportunities and is embedded throughout the curriculum. RSE and Health Education objectives are covered during discrete lessons using the Educator Solutions programme of study. PSHE objectives are also covered across the curriculum e.g. as part of our RE, PE and Science Curriculum and a weekly circle time session. In addition to this, PSHE content is enhanced weekly by whole school events such as assemblies, enrichment days, our half-termly value focus and our daily use of Learning Aliens (8 learning skills).
Our PSHE curriculum includes (but is not limited to) objectives linked to the following themes:

  • Health and Well-being (including mental well-being balanced diets, exercise and drug education).
  • Relationships (including friendships, RSE and equality and diversity).
  • Living in the wider world (including citizenship, financial education and keeping safe).

Implementation - How are we going to achieve our intent?

The Personal Development curriculum is led and overseen by our Citizen Team. A regular programme of monitoring, evaluation and staff support takes place along with the celebration and sharing of good practice. There is an ongoing commitment to evolve and improve the quality and impact of Personal Development for all the children.  Subject leaders, along with other key members of staff linked to PD, will oversee the circle time themes whilst helping and organising the implementation of themed days/weeks.

The teaching of Personal Develop takes place in many layers and it is essential for every child’s Personal Development to underpin every lesson, activity and event that they are involved with. 

All classes receive 45 minutes of Personal Development direct teaching every week. At the start of each Circle Time session, pupils are reminded of the expectations including showing mutual respect to others and the use of the safe space.

The teaching of RHSE is down to individual year group discretion to decide how the RSHE sessions are timetabled each half term. However, the learning within RSHE and PSHE remain the same where each child has the opportunity to share their views and opinions along with knowing the classroom is a safe and secure environment to do so. Children are made aware of a safe space which is available during these sessions if they need to remove themselves for a period of time.

The Educator Solutions scheme includes all the resources needed to deliver each RSHE unit including images, scenarios and a deeper thinking/discussion questions.  Additional Personal Development resources include; visitors, speakers, coaches, pupil mentors and leaders.

Lesson planning, delivery and assessment aims to ensure that children are provided with appropriate and effective opportunities to actively participate and succeed in the whole range of learning opportunities offered within and outside the curriculum.

The needs of individuals are met by providing reasonable adjustments, dedicated support staff, a range of equipment, safe spaces in which to work and when appropriate differentiated tasks which enable all pupils to make good progress over time. On occasions, children will be given support prior to the RSHE and PSHE session to allow them more time to grasp new vocabulary and content.

The teaching of RSHE and PSHE offers opportunities to support the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of our children through the way we expect them to work with each other in lessons. Working in pairs or groups allow children to work together and gives them a chance to discuss their ideas and opinions.

Personal Development helps to enable the children to develop a mutual respect and tolerance for people’s views and opinions, discern from right and wrong, understand their own and others behaviours and beliefs and recognise common aspects across cultural, religious and ethnic communities. It also helps to encourage them to cooperate across a range of activities and experiences. Personal Development helps children to develop a better understanding of themselves, each other and members of society.

All staff can continually liaise with the Citizen Team about their knowledge as well asking the Citizen Team to provide updated changes and guidance in staff meetings. Personal Development, for all staff, takes place throughout the year through regular support staff training and teacher training sessions.

We also provide a wide range of extra-curricular and enrichment opportunities to further enhance the children's Personal Development. These include:

  • Pupil Leadership Roles (Play leaders, Anti-Bullying Ambassador, Junior Road Safety Officer, Librarians, The Museum Team, Wildlife Wardens, Eco-Warriors, Online Safety Leaders, Year 6 Family Circle Leaders);
  • A range of extra-curricular clubs (theatre, mindfullness, many sports clubs, gardening club and many others);
  • Enrichment sessions includes: art, presentations, mindfulness, photography and British Sign Language;
  • Visitors, speakers and live experiences.

Impact - What will it look like when we have achieved our intent?

Our Personal Development curriculum, enrichment. pupil leadership roles and extra-curricular activities gives the children the best opportunity to educate them about the importance of being a respectful, active member of society who can live in a multi-cultural world, utilising the skills and knowledge acquired through our curriculum.  

Highlighted Personal Development impact includes: (this is not an exhaustive list)

  • A weekly 45-minute Personal Development session with an additional whole school focus.
  • Pupils voice - lots of opportunities to collect children's views and opinions.
  • Daily Newsround viewing to allow discussion around current UK and Worldwide affairs.
  • Assemblies linked to British Values, Citizenship and SMSC.
  • Learning skills and half-termly values encourage development of character.
  • Pupil leadership roles continue to be a cornerstone of the children’s Personal Development.
  • Children have the opportunity to take part in a range of extra-curricular clubs e.g. gardening, parkour, high intensity dance.
  • Family Circle Groups happen twice each half term with year 6 children leading this pupil voice forum.
  • The weekly circle time sessions allow for live feedback, addressing any in class year group or playground issues.
  • A calendar of whole school themed days provides opportunities throughout the year to further enhance development of character, citizenship and celebrating our community.

Pupil Voice

Harley - “We’ve been learning about our feelings. It’s good to learn to talk about them because it helps you to be happier.”

Isla - “We’ve been learning to talk about our feelings and not to just keep them inside. Talking about them helps you to feel better.”

India - “The mood tracker is a good thing as the adults will come and speak to you if you are on blue or red.”

Personal Development in Action

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