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Family Circle Groups



Pupil Voice and Leadership Information

All children from Years 1-6 participate in mixed age Family Circle Group (FCG) meetings every 4 weeks. We use these meetings instead of a School Council. This ensures that every child has a voice in making Carlton Colville Primary the best it can be.

Each FCG meeting consists of a mixture of children from every class, from Year 1-6,  as well as teachers and support staff. The FCG meetings are led by Year 6 children with each of them having a specific leadership role during every meeting. Leadership roles are then rotated throughout the year.

The aim of our Family Circle Groups is to give all children an opportunity to share their views, discuss ways to improve the school and take part in democratic voting system.

Other key aims for the children include:

  • To be independent thinkers by sharing their own ideas with others.
  • To believe in themselves by having the confidence to contribute their opinions to a large group.
  • To be reflective by listening to others and being willing to change their views and opinions.
  • To be respect to other people.

Every FCG meeting is run using a shared agenda. This is provided by the Headteacher. This mix of ages and classes helps increase kindness, tolerance and understanding between year groups. Topics that might be discussed include; charity opportunities, improving the school grounds, ideas for school curriculum days and many new initiates and ideas from the children.

Minutes of these meetings are kept and shared with governors, staff, children and parents when necessary.

Family Cirlce Groups in action...

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