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Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

Anti-Bullying Ambassadors help prevent bullying in our School Community. Children in Years 5 and 6 can apply to be an Anti-Bullying Ambassador. 

Pupil Voice and Leadership Information

An Anti-Bullying Ambassador is someone who works to try to tackle bullying within school. They work together as a team, along with adult support, to address any issues and make others aware of the issues relating to bullying and how we can prevent it.
Our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors can be seen around school in their bright green high visibility jackets supporting children with friendships, worries and being around on the playground ready to chat to another pupil if they feel that they need a friend or some help. The Anti-Bullying Ambassadors also run activities in the school atrium twice a week for children to take part in. As well as fulfilling their daily tasks, Anti-Bullying Ambassadors organise special events such as competitions to raise the profile of the importance of friendship, tolerance, anti-bullying and simple acts of kindness. They also help to review and update our Anti-Bullying Policy.
Key qualities an Anti-bullying Ambassador must demonstrate includes:

  • Caring for people in need.

  • Having excellent communication skills.

  • Prepared to learn new skills.

  • Being passionate about developing relationships.

  • Showing great listening skills.

Pupil Voice

Isla: We complete anti-bullying activities in the atrium like colouring and making bookmarks. Outside, if there is someone who needs help, we help them. 

Lucy: I like being an Anti-Bullying Ambassador because I like helping people with problems. 

Amelia: I love being an Anti-Bullying Ambassador because I get to make other people happy and get to help them if they are upset about something.

Bella: I chose to be an Anti-Bullying Ambassador because I want to be kind and help any children who are sad, hurt or being bullied in any way. 

Anti-Bullying Ambassadors in action...

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