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Year 5

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Autumn Term 2022

Welcome to Year 5!

We hope that you have had a lovely summer holiday and are fully refreshed ready to start the Autumn term.

We are starting off the year with “Space – The Final Frontier”. There are many exciting learning opportunities for the children to explore and delve into within this first topic. We will learn about space, planets, stars, our solar system and how day and night occurs. We will also be carrying out an in-depth Science investigation linked to shadows. We are also hoping to invite a STEM ambassador in to work with us.

In maths, we will be building on the children’s existing knowledge of number and place value before moving on to addition and subtraction. Children have been provided with a maths study guide which can be used in the classroom and at home to support learning. 

We will be setting My Maths home learning every Tuesday and comprehension each week, as well as expecting the children to read 4 times a week.

The Year 5 Team

Space: The Final Frontier
Science topic:
BBC Bitesize- Earth and Space – 7 Learner Guides


Geography topic-

BBC Bitesize– Geography Skills- 5 Learner Guides


RE Topics-

BBC Bitsize – What is Diwali?


BBC Bitesize - What is Christianity?


Music Topic-

Intro to Pennywhistles


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