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Autumn Term 2022

A warm welcome to Year 3! Our topic for the autumn term is called ‘From Bones to Stones’. Our ‘Sparkling Start’ will be a dress up day in the first week of term, where children will be able to examine some Stone Age artefacts, learn about how Stone Age people lived and try some of the food our ancestors would have enjoyed.               

In Literacy this term we will compile an information text about Sabre Toothed Tigers creatures, write a letter to Scooby-Doo and an adventure story involving a volcano! We will also write a biography of Mary Anning’s life. In maths we will focus on number and place value as well as learning new addition and subtraction strategies. In science we will begin by looking at how different types of rocks are formed and how they can be used. We will then move onto learning about human bones and the purpose of our skeletons. We will discuss the differences between bones and stones (living and non-living things). We are looking forward to our weekly swimming lesson and starting to learn to speak and write French! We will be covering the full range of curriculum subjects this half term, linking the learning to our topic. Please see the curriculum map for more information. We are all very excited about our school trip to the Time and Tide Museum for a Stone Age Experience in early October.

It is vital you read with your child as much as you can, remember- Children who read, succeed! We expect your child to read to an adult at least 4 times a week. Each child will get an opportunity to independently change their home reading books when they come in each morning. We will check diary entries each Monday morning. There will be daily phonics and guided reading lessons to develop reading and comprehension skills. All children will have the option to take books from the Reading Owls scheme (details to follow) and the school library.

It is important the children complete their weekly home learning tasks as this will help re-enforce learning from the classroom. The task will be handed out on a Thursday or Friday and we ask that they are returned at the beginning of the next week. Please refer to our Learning Heroes to support their learning skills. For this term we will be having weekly word bank tests. Spellings should be practised at home please and they will be tested weekly on a Monday.

To help develop times table knowledge we will be introducing the children to Times Tables Rockstars. This is a fun and engaging way to recall our times tables facts. We will practise in school, but the children are also encouraged to engage at home. Mr Rose will be introducing this APP to the children early in the term.

We look forward to speaking with you at the Learning Review meetings later this half term, but please approach us with any queries or questions you have about any of our curriculum at any time.

Mrs Gray and Miss Norman.

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