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The second half of the Autumn term is due to be a busy one. We plan on developing all our children’s confidence in the core skills of the curriculum - from our writing and reading, to our maths and grammar. Our topic ‘Back to the Future’ will begin in dramatic fashion with Neville Chamberlain’s announcement of war coming to Great Britain. The vast topic of World War Two is then distilled into the experiences of children in Lowestoft during wartime. We will be guided by primary and secondary sources, such as Michael Foreman’s fantastic illustrated memoir ‘War Boy’ and the 1998 film version of ‘Goodnight Mr Tom’. We will be asking our children to become discerning historians asking probing questions about the accuracy of wartime recounts as well as comparing experiences of different children - from evacuees to refugees. 
Alongside our history work, we will be investigating the geography of the Lowestoft town and region. We will see how the human and physical geography of our closest town are intertwined with its history and the lives of its people. Our geography topic will end with the children researching, designing and presenting their thoughts for the future recognition as Lowestoft as a cultural, social and historical place of significance - especially given its title of the UK’s most easterly town. 
Further to these exciting opportunities for learning, the children will also be developing core strength, balance and poise in gymnastics; exploring the nature of Brahman and Atman in Hinduism, and becoming inspired by the engravings and prints of Eric Ravilious.
Finally, we will continue to spend a great deal of time focusing on the mental and social wellbeing of the children, providing regular circle time opportunities to discuss and share thoughts, both positive and negative. 


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