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Autumn Term One

Welcome to the start of a new term at school! The children will be getting focusing on the rules and routines of Year One and getting settling in. We will be reading Sea Saw by Tom Percival. We will be enjoying exploring the seaside and finding out about the adventures of the teddy bear. We will be trying to
understand that nouns are the names of things and we will be learning a song to help us remember this.
As writers, we will be trying to write in simple sentences, using capital letters and full stops. As a challenge, we will be using and to add more information to
our sentences.
As mathematicians, we will be learning to count accurately, through doingpractical activities. We are learning that numbers can be shown with practical
equipment and by drawing symbols.
As scientists, we will be focusing on materials. We will learn the basic skills scientists need, such as asking questions, spotting patterns and talking about
things that are the same and different. We will be looking at what objects are made from and which materials are suitable for different purposes, depending
on their properties.
Reading continues to be a really important part of Year One. Your child will get a chance to choose books from our Reading Robin scheme, to continue to
promote a love of reading. We will also be starting up our reading recommendations this half term, where the children enjoy sharing their
favourite books from home with their class. Phonics still has a big impact of reading, so we will begin by revising phase 2 and 3 sounds, as well as common
exception words.
In RE, we will look at how Christians welcome people into their church and lookat symbols, which are very important to them.
In RSE, we will be talking about how we feel and how we can help people if they are upset, angry, worried, etc.
In art, we will be using pattern to draw things which can be found on a beach and once we have acquired these skills, we will be drawing a fantastic beach
This half term, we will be having a whole school World Mental Health day as well, with lots of fun activities planned!

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